Training for a 5k

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I started a running clinic tonight because I’m training to run a 5k race called the Santa Shuffle, which is a fun run.

I’m super excited because it’s a dream of mine to run a full 5k race.

Tonight was day 1 of training.

I walked my dog, Kingsley and did my training run. It was 5 mins run 1 mins walk x 4. I set the treadmill for 45 mins and walked 23 mins while walking Kingsley.

My knee is a bit sore and my ankle was bothering me, but I’m pushing thru. My next training run is tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night’s run is outside. Tonight’s run was a treadmill run.


Between walking the dog and running, it was over 5km.

Hopefully I can sleep tonight because I’m wide awake. Lol.


Calories – Why you’re not just counting phe during maternal PKU

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PKU Parlor

maternal pku, counting calories, low-protein diet

Like most women, I am no stranger to counting calories and limiting the amount I eat each day in order to lose or maintain weight goals. When returning to the low-protein PKU diet in January 2013, consuming a higher amount of calories was definitely a major concern of mine. In fact, I would say that calories – more so than taste – was a key decision factor for when selecting a formula. Let’s face it, when you’re drinking formula three and four times a day, those calories can rack-up fast!

But all that had to change after finding out I was pregnant.

Eating right during pregnancy

Before discussing calories and maternal PKU, here’s a quick look at what the National Institutes of Health recommends for progressively increasing calories throughout the course of a pregnancy:

  • 1st trimester: 1,800 calories/day
  • 2nd trimester: 2,200 calories/day
  • 3rd trimester: 2,400 calories/day

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Greek Salad

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My boyfriend wanted to make a greek salad last night for supper. I have never had greek salad, so he bought the ingredients and made it; including the salad dressing from scratch.

It was soooooo good!  I wanted more, but I had put Feta cheese on mine and I wanted to stay within my protein allowance, so I opted to forego the second helping of salad.


Thank you…

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Peace, Love, and PKU

Thank you.

This simple phrase is one that many of us could recite at a young age. We were taught that it’s kind and courteous to show our appreciation by saying thank you. We were told that giving thanks is a part of this concept of ‘good manners,’ and that by saying thank you we were being polite. What we weren’t told is the true impact saying thank you can have. We weren’t told that these two words can uplift someone and brighten their day when they need it most. We weren’t told that it can remind another person that their efforts are appreciated, and it can encourage that same person to continue those efforts.

This past Sunday the world said goodbye to a very beautiful soul. That person was Kelli, a woman who had PKU. I had the fortunate opportunity to get to know Kelli through a PKU forum…

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What Have I Been Up To Lately?

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Hey Peeps!

I am back to work, working night shifts. I am getting ready to start my own Reiki business, and have been doing daily self treatments. I also have changed my eating habits.

I felt like I had been eating too much phe, so I scaled it back again. I incorporated one salad a night into my eating, cut out junk food, and have been having mini subs.

I got the idea for the mini subs from my mom. When I was a kid, in school and at picnics, my mother would make mini subs for me instead of hotdogs, since they were too much protein. Cucumber and tomatoes, mayo and salt and pepper. I just use a slice of tomato cut up, and mayo, and voila! Mini sub. It’s about 3g of protein, give or take a few mgs of phe. They are delish!

Not sure if I have lost weight, but tonight my boyfriend and I tried to take our treadmill upstairs to our living room, and it got stuck at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. We think we can take it apart tomorrow night and do that. We both want it upstairs so we can watch tv and walk and run when we want to. I also think the dog might like in on the action and use the treadmill to walk on. My mother puts her dog on the treadmill. I think it’s dumb personally, but if I can’t take my dog out for a walk, it might be nice for him to get some exercise. I do, however, think the cats will use it for a bed or scratching post when needed. We will have to watch out for that.

So, goals for this month, I want to do a 10,000 steps a day challenge. For those who are interested, comment on this post and maybe I can start a Facebook group.

I do have a Facebook Page: Kat’s Wellness Journey, if you want to follow me there too.

I have a Fitbit, and count steps each day, but I get half of what I want to do. That’s why I want the treadmill in my living room. My motto is set yourself up for success. Do things each day that will get you closer to your goal and do everything in your power so you can’t give yourself an excuse not to reach your goals.

Fitbit ROCKS! I can’t say enough awesome things about it! It keeps me motivated to do better the next day!


Now, go smash your workout, and be AWESOME!



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Well, I’ve been thinking the past few nights, I need a career change.  Right now, I’m doing nights in homecare.  I’ve been in nursing for ten years, and I’m tired of watching people die.  It takes a piece of my soul each time it happens. I love the people I take care of, and no longer want to watch people go through this.

Tonight, I have been looking up personal training courses.  I also am wanting to get my Reiki Level II certificate.  I want to help people, but  not be their everything.  Let me explain.  In this line of work, you are there not only for your client, but their family as well.  You are their nurse, social worker, counsellor, an ear and shoulder to cry on, and each time I see a family go through this, even though my passion is to help people in their end of life stages, it kills me.

I want to live.  I want to get out from under this shroud of lack of self confidence I feel.  I want to take my life to the next level, and live to my fullest potential. I don’t want to live by other peoples’ rules.  I want to live by my own.

I want to work for Good Life Fitness doing personal training, and I really want to make a difference in peoples’ live for the better and help them live to their greatest potential.  The thing that’s stopping me is in between my own two ears.  I am my best and worst critic, but I  notice that when I consistently work out, nothing can stop me.  The endorphins high is amazing and I want to use that to treat my anxiety and depression; not drugs.  Drugs aren’t always the answer.  They help, but sometimes, depending on the person, diet and exercise are better treatments.  Now I’m not giving medical advice.  I’m  not a doctor of any sort.  Drugs help the vast majority of people, and some people have a mild enough depression and mild enough anxiety that drugs are not the answer.  Please do not take this to mean you should stop using all your drugs cold turkey without talking to your physician.  NEVER EVER EVER stop taking drugs cold turkey without consulting a doctor first.

I hate drugs.  But drugs help me to function.  Without them I wouldn’t be able to work and enjoy life.  But I want to take control of my life and my health and make it better.  I’m half way through my life and I’ve barely lived at all.  I have been very sheltered by no one else but me.  I’ve been hiding in fear  waiting for my fears and anxiety to go away, but if I don’t take control of my health, they never will.

This summer is going to be about changing my life.  It’s going to be about doing what I want rather than what I need to do.

Here’s to challenging myself to be a better version of me!


Nailed it: Day 1 of Marathon Training

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I got up over an hour early this morning to start training for a full marathon. I ran and walked for 45 mins and completed 2.25mi. It was AWESOME!


By suppertime I achieved my goal of over 10,000 steps.


Tonight I’m going to rest. But what a good day despite it being Monday!